In N&V Services we take pride in  winter villa keeping services, where we specialize in preserving the beauty and functionality of your luxury villa during the colder months. Winter presents unique challenges for villa owners, from weather-related issues to seasonal maintenance requirements. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is here to provide comprehensive services  and exceptional service tailored to your specific winter needs. We want to ensure your villa remains in pristine condition throughout the winter season.

We provide the following services:

  • Winterization and Inspection: As the temperatures drop, it's important to winterize your villa to protect it from potential damage. In N&V Services we perform thorough inspections, identifying areas of concern and implementing appropriate measures to safeguard your villa. We address issues such as insulation, heating systems, plumbing, and exterior structures to ensure optimal protection against winter elements.

  • Indoor Cleaning and Housekeeping: Winter is an excellent time to refresh and maintain the cleanliness of your villa's interior. Vera and her team provide deep cleaning services, ensuring every room is thoroughly cleaned, organized, and sanitized. We pay attention to details, including dusting, vacuuming, upholstery cleaning, and window cleaning, to create a pristine and inviting atmosphere. 

  • Exterior Maintenance: Winter weather can be harsh on the exterior of your villa. We provide comprehensive exterior maintenance services, including cleaning, repairs, and protection against weather damage. Our team addresses issues such as roof inspections, gutter cleaning, façade cleaning, and sealing of outdoor surfaces. We ensure your villa retains its impeccable appearance and structural integrity.

  • Plumbing and Electrical Repairs: At N&V Services  plumbers and electricians can handle all your plumbing and electrical repair needs. Whether it's fixing leaky pipes, replacing faulty wiring, or resolving any other plumbing or electrical issues, we provide efficient and reliable solutions to ensure the safety and functionality of your villa.

  • Exterior Restorations: Over time, the exterior of your villa may require attention due to weather damage or general wear and tear. N&V Services can restore the beauty of your villa's exterior through services such as façade repairs, painting, Deck replacment or Deck build . We work diligently to bring back the original charm and elegance of your luxury villa
  • Interior Renovations: If your villa requires a refreshing update or specific interior renovations, N&V Services  can assist you. We specialize in interior remodeling projects, including kitchen renovations, bathroom upgrades, flooring replacements, and customized solutions to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your villa's interior.


Ensure your luxury villa is well-maintained and protected during the winter season with our comprehensive villa keeping services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the peace of mind that comes with a meticulously maintained villa.